Understanding the setting for your story is important for bringing your scenes to life. Whether you’re writing about a fantasy world or a fictional version of your home town, the questions in this template will help you think about setting and how it influences your characters.


Where is your setting located?

What is the time period?

What is the climate like?

What is the geography like?

Where are the borders of this location, and what lies beyond?

What is the architecture like?

How do people typically get around?

What are the distinctive sights, sounds, and smells of this place?


How many people live here now? Where do they live?

How do most people make a living?

How healthy is the economy? Are the people here rich or poor?

How well-educated are the people?

How diverse is the population? How well do different types of people get along?

What is family life like?


What is the history of this place?

What is the political situation like? Who are the leaders?

What languages are spoken?

How do the people dress?

What role does religion play in the culture? How about superstition?

What is the local cuisine like?

What holidays are important and why?

What are the popular forms of entertainment?

How does the younger generation differ from their parents?